Saturday, January 24, 2009

Water Regions

Global warming will lead to a boost of the global water. In some Regions the earth sea surface is increasing due to rainfall. Evaporation and other forms of sea rainfalls are as well rising. In the late 20th Century precipitation has increase. “Precipitation is more difficult to monitor than temperature due to its greater geographical variability.” More of dry regions will that are sensitive will face climate changes in the early times of the 21th century. This will make more river flooding. Freshwater lakes and other wetlands will influenced to changes that the hydrological cycle is having from the result from Global Warming. Also the freshwater organism will travel to a higher level of latitude because of the temperatures. Mean while in the lower latitudes of freshwater extinctions will occur. The rise of the sea surface could make the sea water invade freshwater areas. If this occur than it will stress out people to get freshwater. And it will also affect the Agriculture system.


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