Saturday, January 24, 2009

Human Health At Risk

Global Warming will be the largest threat to Human Health. It will kill many people give diseases and cause other health problems. And it will also put more pressure on those who already have Health Problems. Those who live in lowlands or in islands will be the first ones to have living problems. Extreme Weather will put all the people at risk. Heat related stress is one of the problems we might face in Global warming moments. Weather disasters like landslides and flooding will cause death. People’s lives with who have asthma and other Respiratory problems will increase from the dangerous air gases. "There are strong indications that a disturbing change in disease patterns has begun and that global warming is contributing to them.” Breathing would be the hardest health problem, we could catch any illnesses. Malaria disease will boost from the effects of greenhouse gases. “Approximately 45% of the world's population presently lives in the climate zone where mosquitoes transmit malaria.” From the views of Climate Models, cases of Malaria will increase each year. I think that Global warming will affect us so hard on our health and it will be even harder for us to go the nearest clinic for treatment because of the long weather events that could happen.


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