Saturday, January 24, 2009

Agriculture and Global Warming

Agricultural will have changes due to the Green house effect. It will be hard for us to produce food in the Global Warming environment. So it will not only be a bad news for human but also for domesticated animals. Crops will be hard to grow from the air gasses that the environment will have. “Agriculture itself is the major contributor to increasing methane and nitrous oxide concentrations in earth's atmosphere”. Earth’s soil will be damage to the actions of weather events such as floods. In 2003 Grain Productions have shortened. The Growth of crops have shown results during the last for years that crops haven’t been growing because long periods of drought. Sowing and harvesting will shorten from different temperatures. Plants will be starved with Carbon Dioxide air. It will also affect plant communities and may damage the plants in some of these communities. I think crop growers are going to suffered and will be hard to maintain a healthy Agriculture environment.


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