Sunday, January 25, 2009

President Barack Obama's Plan

Our new President Barack Obama showed us his plan to deal with the issue of climate change. The governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California already took action by creating a low carbon fuel standard. And Barack Obama wants to make Schwarzenegger plan to be a nationwide plan for the U.S. “This is our generation’s moment to save future generations from global catastrophe by creating a market for clean-burning fuels that can stop the dangerous transformation of our climate,” said Obama. People in New Hampshire and California are concern about global warming and already start using fuels that produce less carbon. Obama’s also said that in to year 2015, transportation would contain fuel with 5% less carbon, and then by 2020 10% less carbon. I agree with Mr. Schwarzenegger and Mr. Obama plan to stop Global warming. The less fuels of Carbon we could use the less Carbon dioxide we going to have in our Atmosphere. Because The United States is the largest consumer of oil.


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