Sunday, January 25, 2009

Regions already being strike by Global Warming pt.1

Global Warming is starting to Affected us. And we aren’t doing anything to stop it, and some of us don’t even care. Temperatures around the world are extreme. The four Seasons is mixing with different temperatures. A region in western Sudan is one of the places that are already being affecting by Global warming. Farmers are beginning to leave their fields. The Lands in Sudan are starting to break and other towns are going through a drought moment. The Gulf Coast is another region that is starting to show events of Global Warming. Hurricanes are starting to appear much more. In a Resident town in Italy more than 2,000 people suffered with high fever. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes were the cause. Malaria disease was spreading. In Northern Europe like Spain weather temperature is decreasing. The Wine Cultivation are being strike due to this temperatures. Ocean Surface is also rising up in Northern Europe.


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