Sunday, January 25, 2009

Final Word

Well I know Global Warming could be the most dangerous threat Earth could face. It would be difficult for us to fix some of these problems especially Weather problems. There’s no way we could change the temperature or stop hurricanes. But there is a way to have clean air and stop polluting the world with carbon dioxide. Our Vehicles are doing most of the damage to Earth Atmosphere. If we could start using lest vehicles that use oil and start using more electric vehicles than we can solve the air pollution. Also we could stop deforestation by not cutting down trees. We should plant trees for our oxygen. We also need to protect the Plant Society because they help us with our oxygen as well. And another way to stop Global Warming is to recycle. We all should stop Recycling and help out the community. I know we can all stop Global Warming so it won’t affect us in the future.

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