Monday, December 15, 2008

Weather Tragedies gives us Allusions of Global Warming

Weather disasters have increase due to Global Warming. Global Warming will give birth to the most dangerous disaster that will impact the world. A big weather tragedy that occurred in 2004 was the Tsunami that hit Asia. Then in 2005 United States had one of the deadliest Hurricane(Katrina) .

Both of these tragedies had affected the Human Society and also the climates of the world. “These might not have been directly caused by global warming, but it certainly paints a picture of thing to come” said article writer George Christodoulou. I agree with Christodoulou statement, there’s more disaster to come. And it will show us a feeling of how global warming will be. Christodoulou also clarified in his article that “Scientists have estimated that as much as half a million people in Asia could face starvation within the next 30-40 years at this rate.”In the past few years summers are getting hotter than usual. Weather patterns have been shown that earth is being attack by the Green House Effect.


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