Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Global Warming affecting Wildlife"

Global Warming has affected every living thing on earth. Wildlife animals have been affected by the Green House Effect. The National Wild life said that “Global warming is the most dangerous threat to Wildlife.”As a result to the climate in Antarctica many animals are facing a hazard situation. Penguins are one the animals. The rate of the temperature has increase in Antarctica. In Central America, there are animals like the Monarch Butterflies who are also endangered because the trees that provide them shelter are disappearing and these gives them more problems to find shelters while traveling in the seasons. Another Animal who depends on Sea life is the polar bear. Sea ice is melting around the globe which is hard for the Polar bears to find shelter and spots to raise the young ones. In the Water Ecosystem, Coral Reef which are homes to many sea fishes have face environmental problems.” In one year alone, sixteen percent of the world’s coral reefs were wiped out.”There many climates around the world whose being affected by the Green House Effect.

Source: http://www.nwf.org/wildlifeandglobalwarming/effectsonwildlife.cfm

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