Monday, December 15, 2008

Could Global Warming be the new Religion?

If global warming occurs then it will be the only religion to the Human Environment. It’s becoming popular all over the world. It will bring a nightmare to the planet. This is become an issue to all the religions around the world. Religions blame global warming for all the events that has happened. Events like Hurricanes, ice storms, heat waves, and Earthquakes. I think it will affect the jobs of all people. It will be hard for animals to find homes. Land Animals will be affected by the rise of the sea level. It will be hard for farmers to grow crops. The weather temperature will increase and the next minute it will decrease. It will take the fun out of Vacations. I think when sea level would rise to a huge point; many countries will fight each other for lands. It will be a chaos. I think Countries should stop spending money on military Equipment and Concentrate The Global Warming issue.


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