Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Plants Society in a Green House world"

Global warming is destroying the plant society in the world. Plants are flowering earlier. In the future due to the damage that could occur from the Green House effect, Plants will have a hard time adapting, but at same time other will not have a hard time to adapt to the aftermath of Global Warming. In the Ecology system plants are known as producers to herbivores and also carnivores. These plants will no longer provide consumers as they are providing them now. Many consumers will have to adapt to the new life of the plant. This will cause a problem in the Ecology System because it will be very hard for the consumers to find plants and get their energy that they need. It will also affect us. Why? Well one of the reasons we live in this world is because the Oxygen that the Plants are giving us. It will also be a heavy problem for our future. I find this situation very complicated because I can’t imagine how the People will will have to adapt to the new oxygen level in the polluted world.


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