Monday, December 8, 2008

Facts about Global Warming

As we all Know Earth was form many years ago (4,450,000,000 years ago). Oxygen level was very low in those days. Then about 2,700,000,000 later Plants started to urbanized. The earliest animals started to emerge. Then we (Humans) came about 4,100,000 years ago. About 20,000 years ago the earliest farms were made. The “Concentration of Carbon dioxides” slowly increase from the Agriculture Revolution. Carbon Dioxide increase from a “low of 190 ppm 21,000 years ago, to about 290 ppm in the year 1900”. The Industrial Revolution (started in the late 18s) was starting in England because they had goods like iron and a good transportation system. There are more than 830,000,000 vehicles on earth. Think of the amount of Pollution that these vehicles are polluting through the world.”1998 was the warmest year of record.”Then the year of 2007 was also the warmest year of record. The burning of fossil fuels has increase the rate of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere. Climate Models have shown that the earth surface is warming up. Our activities are increasing the Greenhouse Effect. I believe there’s a way to reduce the global warming effect.


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